Why AppDynamics?

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Cloud Provisioning Features

When capacity is the root cause, AppDynamics enables you to dynamically provision application resources to respond to real-time demand and service level requirements. By leveraging cloud and virtual infrastructure on an as-needed basis, you can eliminate the need to over-provision to account for peak loads. Policy-driven alerts, notifications, and workflows can be triggered to automatically address problems and ensure the continuous operation of application services. More>>

Why AppDynamics?

Here's what makes AppDynamics different:

If you think an APM tool is just what you need to get the insight you've never had before, here are some best practices around application performance management in today's complex environments -- an area being called APM 2.0.

  1. Fast to deploy. Only AppDynamics can be installed in minutes and deliver complete transaction performance visibility within hours.
  2. Easy to use. How well does your APM truly illuminate your application? Our intuitive dashboards, transaction tracing, request snapshots, and diagnostic tools enable users to resolve application performance issues efficiently and effectively.
  3. End-to-end transaction visibility. AppDynamics auto-discovers, labels, and detects the flow of business transactions as they're executed. Don't just monitor server health or method calls-understand how the application is truly performing in its business context.
  4. Built for Distributed Environments. Is your APM really suitable for the environment in which you operate-or plan to in the near future? AppDynamics is specifically designed for the world of SOA, virtualization, and clouds.
  5. Always-On. Legacy APM solutions required too much overhead to be always in play, but our proprietary "deep on demand" diagnostics enable you to triage problems fast.
  6. Able to both Monitor and Act. Legacy solutions are limited to passive monitoring; with AppDynamics you can also take action. AppDynamics analyzes the alignment between real-time application performance metrics and capacity-and it can automatically scale-up or scale-down your application architecture, allowing you to deliver the right capacity to meet demand.
  7. Won't break the budget. With AppDynamics you can subscribe to just what you need. Start small, get value and grow from there. No shelf-ware. No time wasted justifying a large perpetual license.