Netuitive 5.0

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Self-learning and Pro-active Performance Management

Netuitive self-learning performance management software replaces human guesswork with automated mathematics and analysis to understand normal system behavior across IT silos, isolate root causes and forecast problems for mission-critical applications. Read More...

Netuitive optimizes your systems monitoring including:


Netuitive 5.0

Netuitive 5.0 self-learning software is the industry’s most advanced solution for proactive service management from an end-to-end perspective.  From individual elements, to clusters, to transactions, to complete services.  Across physical and virtual infrastructure.  And across private or public cloud infrastructure. 

A partial list of Netuitive 5.0 key features are listed below.  For a more complete list and description of the features, contact us.

Service Health Dashboards, Netuitive’s Dashboard displays aggregated service health views of your distributed infrastructure (including cloud services) and allows drill down across IT silos to the lowest level components. 

Enhanced Service Modeling, Netuitive allows you to easily create models representative of all the components and Service Level Objectives (SLOs) that make up your services.  Create them using the Netuitive Service Configuration Wizard or import and synchronize your model with a CMDB or your own configuration management tool. 

Real-time and Forecasted Alerting, Trusted Alarms® provide actionable warning of impending performance problems on a real-time or forecasted basis.  Trusted Alarms look for statistically relevant anomalies in Netuitive’s Adaptive Behavior Profiles™.

Performance Analytics and Diagnostics, Self-learned Adaptive Behavior Profiles™ reflect normal operating behavior of service components by hour of day, day of week and cyclical seasonalities.  Proactive alerts are automatically generated when service performance deviates from “normal” behavior.

Managed Element (ME) Details give you real-time insight into how individual MEs are performing, and their impact on overall service performance. 

  • Performance Assistant automates diagnostics and root cause isolation when problems occur.
  • Correlation Assistant displays automatically discovered and continuously updated relationships between business service components and performance metrics.

Performance Management Database (PMDB), The PMDB is the repository of data which powers Netuitive's real-time analytics and an important source of data for historical performance analysis of IT infrastructure and services. By incorporating managed element metadata from other sources (including CMDBs), the PMDB supports customized reports and analysis allowing organizations to fully optimize the utilization of their assets.  SmartSearch capabilities in the PMDB support capacity management related queries such as identifying under / over-utilized resources.

Reporting, Enterprise Workload Reports compare the service workload of servers, clusters, virtual machines, and virtualization hosts over a configurable period of time.  Historical Health Reports display historical view of the service or system health, availability, and Trusted Alarms, for services over a configurable time period.   

Scalability & Availability, Optimized Enterprise Architecture leverages a distributed architecture to supports hundreds of business services, tens of thousands of managed elements, millions of metrics, and hundreds of users.  A High Availability option is also available for mission-critical services.

Usability, Manageability & Security, A powerful but easy-to-use browser based interface displays analytics and facilitates rapid root cause isolation.  External Authentication (using LDAP native AD) eliminates redundant tasks for user accounts and passwords administration.  A published Web API enables programmatic access to perform a significant number of functions, including alarm management, service configuration and user management.

Data Source Integrations, Without the need to deploy additional agents, Netuitive leverages and improves your existing monitoring investments as well as any custom data sources that exist in your increasingly virtualized and distributed infrastructure.

Best Practice Templates use both expert knowledge and statistical techniques to determine which metrics are the best candidates to characterize statistical behavior of servers and other managed elements.

Integration Studio allows Netuitive customers (with assistance from Professional Services) to edit / create custom templates. Netuitive has integrations to monitoring solutions from top companies such as those below. Please us for a complete list.

  • BMC
  • CA
  • HP
  • IBM
  • VMware
  • Microsoft
  • NetApp
  • Oracle
  • InfoVista
  • NetIQ
  • TeamQuest
  • Compuware (Gomez)