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Cloud Provisioning Features

When capacity is the root cause, AppDynamics enables you to dynamically provision application resources to respond to real-time demand and service level requirements. By leveraging cloud and virtual infrastructure on an as-needed basis, you can eliminate the need to over-provision to account for peak loads. Policy-driven alerts, notifications, and workflows can be triggered to automatically address problems and ensure the continuous operation of application services. More>>


"AppDynamics gives the visibility we need to ensure an optimal customer experience every time. AppDynamics is well suited for large scale, distributed systems like ours and dramatically simplifies performance management."

Ron Rose
Chief Information Officer, Priceline


"With AppDynamics, we can view our entire system on one screen and quickly drill down into platform performance metrics, catching issues before they develop."

Rick Terrell
VP of Engineering, Yap


"Applications have become more distributed, service-oriented and dynamic. Now, as components of mission-critical applications begin to be deployed in the cloud, organizations will need to be able to monitor application performance and manage capacity across hybrid cloud, virtual and physical environments. This evolution has rendered traditional approaches to APM inadequate.”

Milind Govekar
Research VP at Gartner.


"AppDynamics is essentially combining an application performance management tool with a suite of cloud computing orchestration tools to give application owners not only visibility into performance issues, but also the ability to resolve those issues in real time across any number of distributed servers. In so doing, the state of the art of managing cloud computing has become a lot more dynamic."

Mike Vizard
CTO Edge


"As mission-critical applications are deployed in internal and external cloud environments, organizations will need management tools that do more than passively monitor and send alerts. AppDynamics not only has an impressive and clean user interface to provide instant visibility of emerging anomalies, it will also proactively scale-up and scale-down capacity on an as-needed basis to ensure service quality."

Rich Ptak, Managing Partner
Ptak, Noel & Associates

"It can not only monitor performance and see that the load is high enough to slow down the application, it can do something about it. I was very impressed with the product."

Martin Heller


"If your organization is looking into application performance management tools, AppDynamics is certainly worth a look."

Dan Kusnetzky


"Transaction flows are visualized on an interactive diagram that can drill down into lines of code, making it easier for agile programmers to work with."

David Worthington
SD Times


"That is one of the cornerstones of AppDynamics 2.0--the ability to monitor cloud-deployed applications and intelligently provision capacity as needed."

Beth Bacheldor
Network Computing